Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ceroc away!

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, certainly made my day as i've been off work a couple of days with the lurgies which is why I think i've suddenly found time to dip into the blogging scene again. Just to clarify the dance poses from the wedding!! Queen's 'Don't stop me now' was our first dance and we certainly upped the atmosphere ante! I think people were surprised that I could move around as fast as we did! The funny thing is we rehearsed only once in the flat with our three well used ceroc moves.
The following three scraper board pieces are for the Inkermen gothic novel books Inkermen is run by friends and its nice for me to be able to add work to their stories.

below The Scenery for the Cold Turkey Christmas stories.

Below One is Less for the Cold Turkey Christmas stories.

Cells for the Loss stories.
Nice to keep my arty hand in especially when collaborating with creative friends.


Fizz said...

Queen, wow thats original for a wedding dance, fast song to dance to as well nice and different, good stuff.
The scraperboards are fantastic, think the lowest one on the blog is my fave.

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Cheers re. scraper boards. It's handy that my friends are into writing gothic moody work as black and white is great for that.

tornwordo said...

Hey congrats on the wedding and for coming back round to the blogosphere!

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